Chat and chatbots

In Obyte, payments can be tightly integrated with communications — through chat.

Chat is built-in into Obyte wallet and allows to chat both with people and bots and instantly redirect the user to an action that requires the wallet functionality, such as sending a payment, sharing a private profile, signing a contract, etc.

chat interface chat interface

In addition to the standard text messaging functionality, the chat supports:

  • sending payment requests for a specific amount;
  • paying the requested amount in two clicks;
  • sharing one's address for easy use in payments and contracts;
  • sending a payment to the peer's address in a few clicks;
  • sharing one's private profile or a part thereof;
  • requesting a private profile;
  • offering a menu of clickable commands for easy navigation;
  • sending a vote;
  • signing a message;
  • requesting to sign a message;
  • offering a prosaic contract
  • accepting a prosaic contract.

These capabilities are most useful for chatbots, which are small apps programmed to give automated responses depending on user input.

For deveopers, chatbots offer a way to quickly create a simple app without large investment into UI. For end users, chatbots offer a way to quickly start using a new app without investing much time into learning a new user interface.

Chatbots can be added to the Bot Store which is also built-in in Obyte wallets and is similar to the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android. The Bot Store enables easy discovery of apps by users and a channel of distribution for app developers.

Chat messages are end-to-end encrypted using user private keys, therefore, although the messages are relayed through a hub, the hub cannot see their cleartext content.

Integrate chatbots in your apps

Developers, see the documentation about chatbots on our developer website.

chatbot store chatbot store