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The most interesting thing about a new technology is to study how it gets used. The combustion engine was a groundbreaking invention, but not until it was put into vehicles that could transport a person 10 times faster than by horseback, did it get its deserved attention and glory.

Obyte is in many ways a similar technological advance. The platform is comparable to a state of the art engine, just waiting for you to mount it in your project. So whether your use case is to reduce friction in existing processes or to introduce entirely new processes that might solve problems that previously didn't have a solution, Obyte has proven to be the versatile box of tools that will fit just about any project.

Made On Obyte - Project Directory

As it might not always be obvious what technology is under the hood of a specific project or use case, a project was launched aiming to gather an overview of all the various projects built on the Obyte platform. It is called Made On Obyte — plain and simple. Here, you will find a repository of community projects that in one way or another utilizes one or more features of Obyte.

Made On Obyte recently introduced a crowdfunding feature, allowing community projects to launch campaigns to raise funding for their project or startup. So with Obyte, every community project has a full set of tools covering the entire journey from initial inception of an idea all the way to a final product. So regardless of whether you prefer a traditional crowdfunding campaign or want to run an ICO to fund your project, all the features are already on Obyte, ready to be used.

project directory

Tap into the Obyte community

On the Obyte Discord an entire group of channels is dedicated to community projects. Here, projects can have their own channel to make announcements, exchange ideas with developers of other projects or to refer customers or clients to, in case they need support.

Projects may also apply for grants from the Obyte Foundation.

community projects
Existing projects

Over the years, many projects have been built by the community. Here are a few, for a more thorough list see Made On Obyte website.

See more projects on Made On Obyte.