Obyte was launched in December of 2016 with the idea of distributing 99% of all Bytes and Blackbytes for free (1% reserved for the founder) in order to bootstrap its adoption.

The initial 64.5% were distributed to BTC holders who chose to participate, and in later stages also to Byte holders, in proportion to their BTC and Byte balances. However, by August of 2017 it became clear that this method fails to bring real adoption while quickly draining the undistributed funds, and the team began introducing other distribution methods to replace it, with most of these methods being tied to usage or contribution to Obyte ecosystem. The majority of the new methods, as well as the initial one, are tried for the first time, without prior experience, and are largely experimental, hence high rate of failures is to be expected.

Today, most of the distribution happens in exchange for contribution to Obyte, such as through grants, to team members for their time, to companies for the services they provide to Obyte, prizes for contest participants, etc.

Free distribution through various methods continues too, albeit at a slower pace.

Main distribution methods

Here is a summary of the main distribution methods as of March 2021. All except the last one are free. 770,677 GB are already distributed, which is 77.07% of the total supply of 1,000,000 GB.

Method Years GB distributed History
BTC airdrop 2016-2017 645,341.799 UGP3YFIJCOCUGLMJUFKLXLNYNO4S7PT6
Cashback 2017-2021 5,675 TU3Q44S6H2WXTGQO6BZAGWFKKJCF7Q3W
Real name attestation rewards since 2018 9,390 RJIUGYIVHM5TAZHU3ZPNTNZL5JF4JUTN
Email attestation rewards since 2018 930 UOYYSPEE7UUW3KJAB5F4Y4AWMYMDDB4Y
Steem attestation rewards 2018-2020 16,410 YRMYMODDIYBPWYMKFF6HIPDTDVHLDXSF
Accredited investor attestation rewards since 2018 10 X7W54O2AZOWK3UN6CJG2TKZ67I2R5DOF
Partial reimbursement of fees when buying Bytes with a credit card 2018-2019 10 6UTDX4VKVQ6UTJWXR4PCWQ42XKBG3BX5
Bitcointalk signature campaign 2018 637.8 CTYUXCSE6RFK42FRWOYEK62TSRQ4PQ7R
Mass sending of textcoins 2018 116 5M72ELJMTZ2NHZVYMZ4CDJSKJO2QXIPK
Telegram quiz since 2018 70 XPOQYAPM5NDYTVRV763C2G557GMKRZXL
World Community Grid since 2018 9,316 OP3XG7FP2Q3HAF4GR33YCFI7BHLAZMFW
Draw airdrop 2018-2019 13,200 UGP3YFIJCOCUGLMJUFKLXLNYNO4S7PT6
Fee reimbursement for buyers of bonded stablecoins since 2020 10 HRBJJA5UDOZPUPK5WGUDOJWYCISK4BD5
Referral rewards for bonded stablecoins 2020-2022 10,700 UGP3YFIJCOCUGLMJUFKLXLNYNO4S7PT6
Liquidity mining since 2020 1,601 THNPSCCVMBQTEMVNGL33PNOIZXJ26C2N
Trading rewards 2021-2023 801 YCBUUQKH3NQJQGLMOSYG4LSRXGA27BZM
Grants, contractors, expenses, prizes, etc since 2018 50,400.8 MXAAXEZBCRW5I2SH3JQQIQKVY2XS3D66