Obyte Foundation

Obyte Foundation is a charitable foundation registered in Liechtenstein.

According to its Statuses, the purpose of the Foundation is:

It is the sole purpose of the foundation to foster the development and adoption of the Obyte distributed ledger technology and platform, any subsequent technologies directly or indirectly deriving from the existing or similar future technologies, and applications based on Obyte technology and platform and any derived or similar technologies, for the benefit of the technology itself, the advancement of science, research, and the general public. Any distribution or support of any kind from the foundation is therefore of charitable nature in the sense of Art. 107 subpar. 4a of the Liechtenstein Law on Persons and Companies (PGR).

Any contributions for benefits received by the foundation from its own, non commercial activities respectively dividends received by the foundation deriving from activities generated through subsidiaries held by the foundation are to be reinvested into this purpose.

The performance of any commerical activity is excluded.

Source of funds

The Foundation is funded mainly from undistributed funds donated by the founder Tony Churyumoff.

It can also accept other donations or profit from the assets it holds.


The Foundation is governed by the board (the Foundation Council) which currently consists of three members:

  • Dr. Alexander Lins
  • Mag. Lucas Martin Mair
  • Anton Churymov

Note that the Foundation has no control over the Obyte network or technology and holds no copyright on Obyte code, it is tasked only with managing the funds it holds in accordance with the Purpose stated above.


Austrasse 14, c/o LMG Lighthouse Trust 9495 Triesen