Upcoming events

Due to worldwide travel restrictions the Obyte team will be staying put for the coming months, however you are always free to reach out to us with your questions, suggestions and proposals at .

Past events

April 2020
Obytetalks Webinar

The first of our new Obyte Talks webinar series was held online at the end of April and focused on explaining everything that there is to know about Autonomous Agents and how to get started build one. Please see below for a replay of the event.

December 2019
LaBITconf in Montevideo, Uruguay

Santiago Law travelled to Montevideo in December 2019 to represent the PolloPollo project at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference. PolloPollo received a "Dreamers" Award for the work that has been carried out since it was devised at a Hackathon held in the Universidad San Bolivar in Caracas. Donations are being sent directly from donors to merchants in Venezuela who can pass on goods to people free from intermediaries using the Obyte DAG platform. Goods are registered by merchants who can pass them on to those requesting them when payment has been received in bytes.

November 2019
Blockchain & The City Workshop in Lyon, France

This special workshop was sponsored by the Trusted IoT Alliance, EDF, La Ruche Industrielle and other key industry players to bring together the technologies of IoT and DLT to help solve issues facing our modern urban communities. Specifically the chanllenge was to create carbon-free e-mobility and multi-services platforms for communities. Obyte was represented by COO Steve Safronoff and developer Evegniy Stulnikov who teamed up with representatives from EDF and a graduate student in IT to develop Parkshare, a P2P shared parking marketplace based on DLT.

November 2019
Decentralized conference in Athens, Greece Oct-Nov 2019

Obyte participated in this world class DLT conference in Athens, Greece sponsred by the University of Nicosia, one of the leading institutions in the world in the DLT/crypto space.
Founder and Head Developer Tony Churyumoff gave a presentation on the evolution of ledgers and explained how a ledger with a DAG structure is the best solution for disintermediation between the users and the ledger. Here is the recording of this presentation.

September 2019
Hackathon in Stuttgart, Germany

Obyte was very proud to be invited again to participate as a key technology provider in the second Annual Hackathon sponsored by the Bosch Connectory in Stuttgart, Germany. 40 developers from Bosch and selected partners joined the event and worked on 7 different challenges, the solutions for 5 of which were powered by Obyte technology.
Teams used the Obyte DLT platform to create a vending machine accepting only BoschCoin cryptotokens, a distributed on-demand market place for renting power tools, a decentralized peer to peer energy trading platform, a crypto powered meeting room booking solution, and an Autonomous Agent for a decentralized marketplace with built-in escrow functionality and a dutch auction mechanism. You can see more in-depth information on the IoT PoCs page.

August 2019
Crypto Monday meetup in Stuttgart, Germany

Obyte was very pleased to present its technology at one of the premier blockchain/DLT meetups on Germany which was attended by several dozen people and streamed live as well. Luke Angell gave a introduction to Obyte for those who were not well acquainted with the project, and Tarmo Annus followed up with a detailed description about the differences between Obyte and Ethereum Smart Contracts, as well as quick tutorial about how to get started writing Smart Contracts on Obyte. The presentations concluded with Rui of the Bosch Connectory making a quick demostration of how Bosch had created their own BoschCoin crypto token using Obyte and had integrated BoschCoin payments with certain appliances in the Connectory like a coffee machine and 3D printer.

April 2019
Seamless Smart Payments Conference in Dubai, UAE

Obyte participated with a stand at this major regional fintech and smartpayments conference and raised awareness and expanded its network in the region. We met with government officials, blockchain and DLT consultants, and payment providers from around the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

February 2019
Mobile World Congress / 4YFN in Barcelona, Spain

Obyte brought its Lego demo of its peer to peer streaming payments ecosystem to the 4YFN innovation and startup conference part of Mobile World Congress. The eye-catching Lego demo, and impressie technology that it showcases made the Obyte stand one of the more popular in the the 4YFN pavillion.

February 2019
Blockchain Future Festival

Presenting its technology together with the Bosch Connectory, Obyte and Bosch demostrated how cryptotokens can be generated on the Obyte platform and used to power trustless payments between anonymous customers and service providers. A complete ecosystem of logistics delivery, parking, electric vehicle charging, co-working rental and solar electricity production and provision was portrayed using everyone´s favourite building blocks — Lego! Also, Luke Angell gave a presentation on why the future of blockchain is not blockchain! (Hint — it´s DAG!)

January 2019
Japan Blockchain Conference in Yokohama, Japan

Obyte made its first visit to a major blockchain conference in Japan. We met with multiple projects from the area who were looking to use Obyte´s platform to power their decentralized solutions and application requiring high volume, low cost transactions as well as other features of the Obyte wallet such as multi-signature transactions and atomic swaps between cryptotokens.